• Tuve una increíble aventura en la India gracias a One World Holidayz , desde el principio me ayudaron a planear mi viaje de acuerdo a mis preferencias y presupuesto. Durante mi viaje estuvieron 24/7 para mí y yo no tenía que preocuparse por nada. Realmente tuve el mejor tiempo de mi vida gracias a ellos. Espero que también te atrevas a vivir esta experiencia increíble.


  • “We are thankfull for One world HolidayZ for the support on having this experience. All the support was provided and the updates was always been done throught SMS and email during the trip. As our time was short and we wanted to enjoy the best, we didn´t had to worry about anything during the trip but enjoying! We had a short time but we made it thanks to You guys. Our thanks! Fernanda Gamaro ”
    Fernanda Gamaro & Paolo Gamaro– Brazil


  • India fascinate people since few century, because this is simply different that all we know. Incredible India attracts you, catches you and makes you different. If you want to learn on people, discover history, religion and belief, if you want to give a sense to your life and have a break in your crazy life, India is your destination. I went to India to meet my best friend, but actually, I met her and so many wonderful people, coming from India but also all over the world. My chance was to meet this helping people for my road trip. Shubham Chopra know everything about how to go from a place to another one by train, by bus, by taxi or plane. I told him, I have 12 days from tomorrow and I want to go to Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jasalmer, Agra and Varanasi and he planned my trip even on short period and short deadline. After India, my world vision changed and was different. Today, one year after it is still different. India is magic, just go there !
    Estelle Gentou France


  • I hope you are fine! and all of you are doing well! I will see all of you very soon in my next trip. From where can I start? One World HolidayZ team is AMAZING !they are passionate about India and they communicate it very well. They helped me find the cheapest and best solution every time I wanted to travel somewhere ! I'm so excited to come back very soon !
    OumamimaAtlassi - Morocco


  • Viajar con One world Holidayz fue una de la mejores decisiones, Mi viaje fue muy seguro, los hoteles superaron mis expectativas, y todos los lugares que visitamos fueron increíbles, Ellos estuvieron disponibles las 24 horas para mi, respondieron todas mis dudas y los guías en español estuvieron espectaculares, todo el servicio llego ala hora exacta. Estoy segura de volver a contratar a One World Holidayz de nuevo, Gracias por ayudarme a tener las mejores vacaciones en la India, pude disfrutar de toda la magia d este hermoso país, estoy muy feliz por todas las cosas que pasaron! Gracias ONE WORLD HOLIDAYZ
    Alejandra Velásquez Mexico


  • Dear Shubham, Hello from Italy. The journey was beautifull: India is always an incredible country! Everything was ok, except some little problems with the driver. Tarangh, the driver, had a safe drive, he was always on time, I invited him to have lunch with me many times and I gave him a good tip but he didn't glad it The hotels were comfortable: I liked very much the hotels in Gwallior, Bhopal, Khajuraho and Mumbai. The only hotel that I didn't like was Royal Kourt in Aurangabad. The hotel in Mumbai (the staff was very friendly and kind) told me that you called me, but I could not answer Because I lost my mobile. I want to thank you for the guides that you provide without supplementary price and for the dinner that you offered in Khajuraho. It was a nice gift. I left a Good feedback of your company on Hello Travel site. If I come again in India, I will contact you. Best Regards Luca
    Luca Busi , Italy


  • Hello , Thanks One World HolidayZ Team!, was a such amazing organized tour with best service, you just travel dont need to think about anything was everything alright , the trip was full bussy as i demanaded and i enjoyed too much in india and your company did best to make my trip amazin and memorable 🙂 specialy driver was funny and always happy, which i realise was very important for my fast tour.
    Mohammed Rezgui Tunisia